40 Hours: Enforce It

The 40-hour work week has been getting some great publicity lately:

The clear takeaway here is to stop staying at the office so late, but getting yourself to actually go home on time may be more difficult psychologically than you imagine.

Since I started keeping a time log, I have noticed that what feels like a 10-hour day is interrupted with personal time, and made longer than it needs to be by digging in to emails, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

We are also fans of the “curious phenomenon” described by Timothy Ferris in The 4-Hour Work Week:

Since we get 80% of our results from 20% of our work (Pareto Principle, or 80/20 Rule), we can spend less time working by focusing on our most important work.

… and …

Since work expands to fill the time we plan to spend on it (Parkinson’t Law), then we will get our most important work done if we plan to spend less time on it.

 The moral of the story is: working less might feel weird, but just do it. Just do it. It works.

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