True Fruit “4 Big Lies” E-Book

Want some eye-opening, out-of-the-box thinking to help you become more productive, and also get a life?

4 Big Lies about productivity and the money you're losing because you believe them.Here’s how to:

  • Get more done today, and go home at 5:00.
  • Use your smartphone to make your life simpler. (Hint: turn it off.)
  • Gain control over your best work by delegating it.
  • Feel less busy and get more accomplished.
  • Save money right now by spending your time more wisely.

Sounds weird? It is. That’s because the conventional wisdom around productivity is based on 4 Big Lies. True Fruit is ready to debunk them.

Our 40+ page, fact-filled, illustrated and readable e-book will change your mind about what makes us productive–and what doesn’t. The truth will set you free.

4 Big Lies about productivity
and the money you’re losing
because you believe them.
The E-Book

Only $10 to learn the truth now.

Here’s what you will take away from this e-book:

  • An understanding of the truth about productivity today—the extent of the problem, and what it is really costing us.
  • A few how-tos for practical, profitable productivity. These are techniques that will save you money.
  • A new idea of normal. We’re discovering an emerging body of knowledge that is much more realistic and human than the “normal” work culture.  We think this is all about bucking the trends, and we hope to encourage you to do that.
  • Optimism. We feel good about the future of work, and we’d like you like to join us as we look onward.

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4 Big Lies about productivity
The E-Book

Only $10 to learn the truth now.