Learning Events

I can conduct a short talk, a 2-hour Lunch & Learn, or a half-day class on any of the following topics.

For business owners and teams:

4 Big Lies about productivity …
and the money you’re losing because you believe them.

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Workplace conventions tell us that we need to be fully wired super-achievers who multitask and are ready for action 24/7. Research tells us that workplace conventions are dead wrong. “4 Big Lies …” exposes the myths and assumptions of productivity, and describes specific techniques for bucking trends and getting real work done.

For woman-owned businesses and businesswomen’s groups:

Strength through Delegation
Secrets of Women in Control

Women have a reputation as control freaks. But it’s not because they can’t delegate–in fact, women possess natural abilities that can make them terrific delegators and effective leaders, if only they tap into them. With $4T of the US GDP in the hands of women business owners, the future of our economy depends on it.

Learn how to tap into those natural abilities and become the delegator–and leader–you were born to be. In this 2-hour session, we will walk you through 12 practical techniques that will show you how to delegate “like a girl”–and show the men how it’s done.
From a very satisfied customer..

“I am learning to delegate!  I recently attended the True Fruit program called Strength Through Delegation: Secrets of Women in Control.  The presentation was light and friendly and they shared research and ideas I could easily comprehend.  I was hooked  – bought the book – and have begun delegating jobs large and small.  This change is helping my business bounce as I become a less stressful leader!  Special thanks to True Fruit and their wonderful book Strength Through Delegation.

Barbara Huffman, Founder and Executive Director, Huffman House, Inc.

For solo practitioners, project managers, and business owners:

Planning to Your Capacity
Turning Goals into Action

Successful people know that there’s more to meeting targets than just working harder. They know how much harder they have to work, and at what. They understand how to focus their time on the most important and profitable tasks.

Learn how to use capacity planning, micro-goals, and visual tools to convert your overwhelming to-do list into realistic daily action. Participants in this course come away with an individualized action plan.


For church, service, health, and civic organizations:

Peaceful Productivity

Productivity isn’t just about profit: it’s about balance and harmony. True Fruit’s “work less, get more done” approach prevents the rat race from encroaching on your organization’s true mission and the inner calm of your members and staff. Before you get into high gear to plan next year’s annual event, let us provide sound techniques and wisdom to keep your workplace peaceful.