Operations Manuals

Every business owner has experienced most of these problems:

  • I’ll just have to do it myself” syndrome, leading to long work hours and missed vacations, because the owner is the only one who can “do it right.”
  • Time-consuming training of new employees, especially for high-turnover positions.
  • Customers insist on doing business with the owner, because other employees aren’t able to deliver the same level of customer service.
  • Highly competent employees “own” their jobs and all their processes, causing chaos when they go on vacation or leave the business.
  • The business is growing, and outgrowing its existing processes; new customers are disappointed because overwhelmed employees can’t keep up.
  • It’s time to change owners, and it’s impossible to keep the business operations running smoothly during the transfer.

An Operations Manual is a simple and effective way to solve all these problems. It pays for itself in no time, and becomes a tangible asset that adds value to the business.

Let True Fruit Help

True Fruit’s expertise is in turning action into tangible deliverables. With a minimum of observation and interviews, we will create step-by-step instructions, checklists, illustrations, and process diagrams so that “the way we do things” becomes a matter of record.

For many small businesses, the entire process takes less than two weeks. We engineer our process to cause the least possible interruption to your ongoing operations. We can even use our Productivity Quick Study to capture processes while your employees do their jobs.

Getting started is easy and free. Simply call True Fruit at 678-820-8783. We’ll perform a quick assessment of your needs and give you a quote.

Where’s the Return on Investment?

Smart entrepreneurs pour value into their Operations Manuals continually, and get that value back every day. Here’s why:

  • Operations Manuals provide consistency. Every proud business owner has an innate sense of “this is how we do it here.” Until the “how” is codified, it is subject to change by every employee who touches the business. Operations Manuals lay out the standards of “how,” so that every customer experience is right.
  • Operations Manuals link the brand to the delivery of products and services. Every business owner places great value on their brand, for marketing purposes. But the brand can’t stop with marketing. Marketing makes promises that Operations has to fulfill. Operations Manuals set forth the methods for fulfilling those promises.
  • Operations Manuals preserve knowledge. Every business owner who has hired an employee knows the expense and stress of losing their best worker. When one employee knows all the tricks and secrets, and then walks out the door, valuable information capital walks out with them. When the tips and secrets are written down, that capital stays with the business, and is ready for the next employee.
  • Operations Manuals allow workers with the lowest level of skill to produce the highest level of results. Ideally, a business doesn’t depend on good people—it depends on a good system that anyone can learn. With Operations Manuals in hand, operations don’t have to be invented (or reinvented) and executed by brilliant minds (that cost more)—they can instead be executed according to the Operations Manual by average minds (that cost less).
  • Operations Manuals liberate the business owner from daily operations. Many business owners feel they would rather do a task themselves, and get it right, rather than allow an employee to get it wrong. But then they become stuck working in their business instead of on their business, where they can be adding value. Operations Manuals are the training materials that let the owner get “out of the kitchen.”
  • And most importantly:
    Operations Manuals are the most valuable tangible asset of a business. Why the most valuable? Because they contain the “secret sauce,” the “wow factor,” and the differentiator of the business. Dare we say, even, the soul of the business? Operations Manuals make the business real.

To reap these benefits in your business, call True Fruit at 678-820-8783 and ask for a free consultation.