Productivity Quick Study

The Productivity Quick Study is a minute-by-minute analysis of one worker’s time and tasks. Using state-of-the-art tools, we observe up to 4 hours of work without interfering with the work day. We then create a timeline chart and report of our findings. The price for the service is $500.

The Productivity Quick Study is designed to:

  • Observe and record the best practices of your employees.
  • Detect whether multi-tasking and switch-tasking are helping or hindering productivity.
  • Determine whether a worker’s actual activities match their job duties, their skills, and the objectives of your company.
  • Recommend time management techniques that can reduce stress, and make time for more work, done better.
  • Identify ways to improve the working environment.
“At first, I was nervous about being observed doing my job. Veronica and Judy spent extra time putting me at ease. They explained to me how the study would be done and answered all my questions. To be honest, I got very busy doing my work as I always do it, and by the end of the day, I forgot they were even there!”

M.H., Branch Manager, staffing company

How We Earn Trust

To get an accurate view of an employee’s work, and to reinforce the employer’s good relationship with the employee, we establish trust early. We coach the employee before the session, to let him or her know that we are looking for their best work. We demonstrate the tools we use, we present a confidentiality agreement, and we instruct them how to protect their privacy. We also share our findings with the employee before we report to the employer. In every case, we focus our findings on the employee’s best work and goals.


For some stories about the Productivity Quick Study in action, inspired by actual events, read our Productivity Quick Study Scenarios.

“My company is growing quickly and the work tempo is moving faster. True Fruit’s Productivity Quick Study provided very useful, real time information that helped me make decisions to ensure the business runs efficiently.”

R.C., Vice President, staffing company