Strength through Delegation: Secrets of Women in Control

No leadership skill is more important than the ability to delegate--yet we all hesitate to do it. For women, there's a particular disadvantage--and an opportunity. Businesswomen: Learn 12 techniques on how to delegate "like a girl"--and show the men how it's done. This e-book is full of uncommon facts and inspiring ideas.

True Fruit in Forbes!

True Fruit's own Judy Muller gives good advice in June 2nd article, 5 Ways to Simplify Your Business. Check it out!

4 Big Lies about productivity: the e-book

These 4 lies are pervasive in our business culture. Even if you don't think you believe them, chances are you have had to buy into them for the sake of your boss or your customers. Live the truth! Learn how to transcend the 4 Big Lies and regain control of your life and work.

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How busy are you and your staff ... really? Maybe not as busy as you think, or perhaps too busy at the wrong things. A Productivity Quick Study will reveal ways to improve work environments and habits.

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Adventures of women forging a business


"For the simplicity on this side of complexity, I wouldn't give you a fig. But for the simplicity on the other side of complexity, for that I would give you anything I have."

— Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

August 22, 2012 ·



Nothing like a broken arm to get lessons in delegation. Just as we were putting together our latest e-book, Strength through Delegation: Secrets of Women in Control, I broke my right arm (and I’m right-handed) just below the wrist. My arm has been in a cast for three weeks, from above the elbow to down ... Read More »

August 5, 2012 ·


Technology Tools or Toys?

We recently polled a webinar audience, asking them how many internet enabled devices they currently owned. It was not surprising to hear that at least 1/3 of our audience counted 7 to 10 devices in their personal technology inventory.  Smartphones, laptops, PDA’s, tablets, book readers, gaming devices. The list goes on and on. Wow….Why so ... Read More »

June 21, 2012 ·


40 Hours: Enforce It

The 40-hour work week has been getting some great publicity lately: This comprehensive article by Sara Robinson of AlterNet was picked up by Laura Vanderkam writes in the Wall Street Journal that we don’t work as hard as we think we do anthologized, stating: The clear takeaway here is to stop staying at ... Read More »

April 12, 2012 ·


The Time Log: How Ctrl-Q Changed My Life

To prepare for our upcoming time management training series, I’m using myself as the guinea pig. So I’m adopting some new habits to keep my days in line with my plans. Back when I was a full-time freelance writer, I created a spreadsheet that I could use as my own personal timesheet. For each activity ... Read More »

March 29, 2012 ·


The “Overwhelm” Thread

Yesterday I was feeling overwhelmed. And I said to myself, “Self, you help others with productivity. What would you tell me to do to escape the awful, paralyzing feeling?” And Self just had the same old answers, many of which involved food. So I went to my network on Facebook and posed this question: “How ... Read More »

February 29, 2012 ·

Best Business Habits

The Step We Skip

How many of us find ourselves believing that all we need to win the big productivity race is the latest iPad or smartphone? And with all the gadgets we have for working and thinking faster, why do we still fail to get it all done? With all this human progress, why is it still difficult ... Read More »

February 3, 2012 ·


4 Big Lies: A Consultant’s Dilemma

I’ll be the first to admit how working on the “4 Big Lies” webinar exposed the ways that I have bought in to the 4 Big Lies. I will only speak for myself–Judy’s experience may be different. I’ll claim that I worked too many extra hours on our presentation. Was it overwork? Overkill? Dedicating my ... Read More »

January 11, 2012 ·

Taking Back Time

Would-be guru, a bit off center

Multitasking: Some Folks Do

Are you a multitasker? Is it working well for you? We're very interested in what makes multitasking effective for some people. Or for others, is it just busyness, which gives people the illusion of effectiveness?

December 20, 2011 ·


Fruition Factors: Taking Back Time, Big Time

Something is missing among the reams of productivity literature out there. So we are pulling out the most meaningful principles, and delivering them weekly. Sign up for Fruition Factors (see sidebar, right) and let's see if we can change the world of work.

November 23, 2011 ·


Time management ... if it can be managed.