What I Do

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What does it take to make great work happen?

It takes more than a plan–it takes action. It requires the step that stymies good working people in every occupation: follow-through.

True Fruit brings business plans to fruition. We help businesses follow through on their plans. We get in there and do the work when they need the extra help. We are the implementers.

Chiefly, our services are

  • Truth Telling: True Fruit infuses the truth into 2013 work life, and equips business leaders to  jump start new strategies and habits that clear a path to profitable productivity.
  • Idea Visualization: White Board Sessions help business owners, managers, visionaries, and project teams to record and organize their ideas, create actionable plans, and visualize their progress.
  • Productivity Makeovers: Analyzing work styles and environments for individuals and teams; defining job roles that are cost-effective and practical; recommending management techniques for time and workflow. Our Productivity Quick Study is our own unique tool to observe and measure workplace productivity.
  • Business Process Harvesting: Observing, mapping, and improving the business processes that have evolved organically to create useful and tangible Operations Manuals; or creating effective processes and tools for businesses on the verge of explosive growth.

How We Do It

  • Impart Learning: We are teachers with a passion for A-Ha moments. Our customized, inter-active workshops and speaker services change minds and habits.
  • Great Writing: We are communicators who turn the informal wisdom of a business into hard business assets.
  • Time Management: We study the latest techniques to manage time and integrate life, using technology and the human mind to its fullest.