White Board Sessions

True Fruit’s White Board Sessions help managers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and planners to give structure to their ideas.

  • Create a structured, sequential plan for your team’s next project
  • Outline a book
  • Blueprint a web site
  • Streamline your customer service process
  • Brainstorm an emerging business idea
  • Prioritize your competing commitments

Organize Your Thinking

Paralyzed by “blank page syndrome”?
Overwhelmed by a large project, and don’t know where to begin?
Have so many tactical ideas that it’s impossible to plot a strategy?

In two hours or less, True Fruit will give your ideas order, sequence, and structure. You do the brain work, and we’ll record your thoughts so that you can act on them.

“In less than two hours you managed to help me get done what I have been trying to do for months.The mere fact that I did not have to do the writing immediately freed my mind more to be able to concentrate on the important task of thinking!”

Naomi Martell, Owner,
Bottom Line Financial Solutions LLC

White Board Sample, Accounting Company's Prioritized Service Offerings

Launch a Project Fast with a Visualized Plan
that isn’t a project all by itself 

Ever spend hours organizing a project in project management software–hours that you hadn’t budgeted for the project?

A White Board Session does more than produce a visual roadmap of your project. It gets your entire team engaged, because their brainstorming goes into the plan. As the diagram of the project takes shape, they begin memorizing a picture of the sequences and priorities of tasks. The visual plan makes a great graphic to chart the team’s progress.

White Board Sample, Staffing Company Growth PlanMap and Streamline a Process

Business processes tend to evolve organically, and take on lives of their own. When your staff can’t agree on what happens first or who is responsible for what, a White Board Session realigns the system.

Prioritize Your Commitments

We’re all doing more with less–so much more with so much less that it’s hard to know what to do first. When too many of life’s priorities are tugging at you, a mind-map on the white board is an excellent values clarification exercise. Experience relief and accomplishment by drawing out the facets of your lifestyle, your time spent, and your true priorities.

“By looking for and evaluating patterns in the map that was created, we were able to identify areas of importance that needed to woven into the company culture and my personal life.

Rick Meekins, CEO,
Aepiphanni Business Consulting

Work-Life Priorities Diagram

About the Illustrations

  1. For company that provides in-home care, we mapped out their business process and identified exceptions that were slowing down their operations. (Detail section, personal information blurred.)
  2. For Bottom Line Financial Solutions, we mapped out their service offerings. It started out as outline for new web copy. In the process, we discovered which service offerings the owners enjoy most, so they can emphasize them in their marketing.
  3. For a temporary staffing company, we helped them take stock of their internal processes, and identify the services (red) that they want to add as part of their growth plan.
  4. We mapped out Rick’s business ventures, organizations, and commitments. He brainstormed on the use of his time, and clarified his priorities. (Detail with personal information blurred out.)

Get Started with a White Board Session


  • Basic Session (2 hours): $400
  • Half-Day Session: $750
  • Full-Day Session: $1400

(To bring us to a site outside the Atlanta metro area, we will charge for our transportation costs.)

Sessions are 2 hours, 4 hours, or a full day. True Fruit’s own White Board Studio is ideal for individuals and small teams. We will also visit your conference room or training room.

Afterwards, we’ll provide graphics of the white board diagrams, and a brief summary of the meeting.

Pick a date and time on Tungle.me. You can access our calendar now to see when we’re available, and even book us online. Or call 678-820-8783 (TRUE), or email us fruitionistas <at> truefruit.com.

“The White Board Session Diagram makes such an interesting piece of art that I am going to frame a copy and hang it on my office wall.”

Naomi Martell, Owner,
Bottom Line Financial Solutions LLC